Customer Journey

Securing clients is an essential part of any business, especially in start-ups aiming to transition from being dependent on funds to becoming a sustainable business. At EV Biotech, our multi-year phased process for strain development may seem like a daunting prospect where if the project begins, one is tied to the full process until its […]

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 One of the in-house strains under development at EV Biotech is for the production of terpenes. Terpenes are used as aromatic agents in cosmetics and food products. As more than 55.000 different terpenes have been identified, EV Biotech is developing a platform organism for the flexible production of terpenes. Small alterations in the DNA of

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“When working at EV Biotech as an intern, you are really part of a team and your tasks are important. You are not just an intern” Currently, we have several student interns working at EV Biotech. With open intern vacancies snapped up as soon as they are posted, they will not be the last. What do these

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