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Strain optimisation

Profitable cellular production requires the utilisation of microorganism to their full potential. 
We can help you leverage the full scope of your microorganism’s abilities by optimising it tailored to your needs.

Modular approach to address your needs

Every project is different, so why would our solution and approach be the same? 

With our modular approach we can adjust the project in such a way that it fits your research questions. Once we understand your vision and expectations of the project, we will together develop a proposal tailored to you. At any time you can opt-in additional modules that create value for you. And with our Master Service Agreement we can do this with reduced administrative constraints.

This allows you to stay in charge of your project. 

No risks for your intellectual property

Most of the strain optimisation projects start with an already existing strain and process. We have no intention in taking any intellectual property that you own, but rather assist you on your way towards succes.

Therefore we make a very clear distinction between background and foreground before we start any project, which we put in the contract. In that way there is no risk for your intellectual property and we can have a fruitful collaboration. 

We can assist at each stage of your development

It does not matter if you are just starting with your production strain and want to learn more about its potential or if you already have a completely established production process that needs some tweaking. We are happy to assist you!

Strain optimisation

Strain optimisation

Strain optimisation

Strain optimisation


Do you have a different questions you want answered or a hurdle that you need to overcome? Reach out to us, and together we can find the modules that address your challenge.

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