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Strain development

Are you looking to adopt a new sustainable production method for one of your products and does precision fermentation fit within your strategic ambitions?
We can be your partner for success!

Timeline of your project

From compound selection to scale-up assistance,
we can help you during the full length of your project. 

Your compound of interest

You have identified one or multiple interesting molecules/ compounds/ ingredients that your company would like to produce in a sustainable manner using precision fermentation. 

If you have multiple compounds of interest and you do not know yet which one of them will give you the best chance of success, we can help you make a pre-selection. 

Finding the right host

With the selected compound of interest, the next step is to identify which microbial host and metabolic pathway will be the route towards success. We do that with three different approaches that answer different research questions:

  • Metabolic pathway search
    Which microorganisms and pathways have potential to produce your compound of interest?

  • IP landscape analysis
    Is there room within the current IP landscape to develop the selected microorganisms and pathways for your compound of interest? 

  • Genome Scale Metabolic model development
    What is the theoretical performance of the different identified options of the microorganism and pathway combinations? And which one looks like the most promising candidate?

Proof of concept

Now that your theoretical best performing microorganisms are identified, it is time to design and test them in the laboratory. Our strain developers design and build the microorganisms tailored to your needs.

Next is testing and selecting for the best variant of your top candidates. In our lab we test the microorganisms and process from very small scale to lab scale fermentation. These experiments will already create a lot of data that we use to validate our theoretical findings and further improve the models. 

Strain optimisation

Now that we have a working microorganism, we want to utilise its full potential. Using the data from all the experiments and the developed model, we can gain insight into how to optimise the microorganism. These insights can be used in the laboratory to further enhance the microorganism’s production capacity. This is done with synergistic cycles of modelling, experiments and data collection, to optimise the microorganism to the fullest. Multiple cycles can be necessary before moving to upscaling.  


Once you have your fully optimised production microorganism and process, the project moves to the next phase: upscaling. During this phase, EV Biotech can be a troubleshooting partner that assists you in the hurdles you might encounter. Bringing your lab-scale production to pilot or industrial scale will always be a challenge but with our computational bioprocess toolbox we can identify these hurdles upfront and can give you advice in how to overcome them. 


Are you excited to start your project and want to further understand what we can do for you?

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