Building Products
for the Future

Integrating AI and strain development,
enabling you to produce your compounds
sustainably by fermentation

Accelerating strain development

Sustainable development of bio-based products in a cost-effective way is the demand of this hour. One of the main hurdle for microbial-derived products entering the mainstream market is the time of development.

EV Biotech implements a synergistic approach of microbial development by combining data-driven predictive algorithms with strain design and development. This allows us to develop strains more cost-effectively, increase the successful output, and reduce time to market.

In short, smarter ways of creating sustainable products.


Our synergy explained

Our products

EV Biotech is currently developing four Microbial Chassis for the production of Vanillin, Spider Silk, Terpenes and PHAs. Additionally, we can develop a compound tailored to the needs of our clients in a co-development project. You can read more about our tailored products from our options below.

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About us

We have an enthusiastic and interdisciplinary team that works hard to create a more sustainable future. We value communication and team work, which is essential for the synergy of our approach.

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