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Reprogramming precision fermentation
to build a thriving future 

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Microorganisms have the potential to effectively, naturally and sustainably create chemical compounds, thereby replacing destructive agricultural and petrochemical production processes. 
Making cellular production profitable requires utilising the full potential of microorganisms.
This demands efficient and lean R&D processes that create insights and understanding during strain and process development.

What makes us stand out?

We design and optimise your precision fermentation strains and processes, tailored to your success.

How can we help you?

Whether you are just starting within the field of fermentation and do not yet know where to begin, or if you have been working in the field for eons and know exactly which route to take towards success, we are here for you.
We can assist you at each stage of your strain development.

Create & innovate

Strain Development

“We have strategic ambitions for precision fermentation and we want to start with a new product/process.”

Optimise & Enhance

Strain Optimisation

We have a working strain/process and want to optimise its performance.”

Trusted by experts and partners

About us

We have an enthusiastic and interdisciplinary team that works hard to create a more sustainable future.
We value communication and teamwork, which is essential for the synergy of our approach.

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