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EV Biotech B.V, won the corporate challenge “Bio-indole for gasoline octane booster” in industrial biotechnology launched by Repsol.

Founded in 2018 by Linda Dijkshoorn, Sergey Lunev and Agnieszka Wegrzyn, EV Biotech is set to transform the development of Microbial Cell Factories. By digitalizing microorganisms, EV Biotech is able to accelerate strain engineering for the efficient and sustainable production of biomaterials. Combining in-house expertise with synergistic use of computational modeling together with strain engineering facilitates, significantly reducing the development time.

Throughout the strain development process, its approach increases the chances of success, production levels, financial forecasts, and time to market. By utilizing Microbial Cell Factories, the company aims to change product development towards more sustainable means.

Repsol wanted to find a partner to develop a new family of more efficient Bio-additives alternatives to Bio-ethers and EV Biotech became their best solution provider.

EV Biotech looks forward to working with Repsol in facilitating the transition towards sustainable sourcing of indole for the biofuel industry.

“Through this project, we aim to realize our combined ambition of improving CO2 impact of petrol consumption and work towards developing a high-efficiency octane booster”

30′ BIO:

Location: Netherlands.
Foundation year: 2018.
Sectors: Agriculture, Agrifood, Chemicals, Pharma.
Digital Technologies, Industrial Biotechnology.
Website: www.evbio.tech 

Source: PITCCH

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