We are looking for a Chief Operating Officer
to strengthen our Management team.

About EV Biotech:

EV Biotech is a biotechnology company that creates microbial production platforms for high-value chemicals and proteins using computational modelling and microorganisms. By combining classical fermentation methods with the latest developments in modelling approaches we have revolutionised the methods of microbial strain engineering. Our microbial cells factories (MCFs) provide effective, bio-based alternatives to conventional chemical-synthetic production processes. Our Groningen-based team has been operational since July 2018 and is dedicated to EV’s mission to evolve the chemical feedstock market by shifting it from petrochemical-based to bio-based chemical production, thereby creating a greener economy for all.

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Scope of the position:

As the Chief Operating Officer you will oversee all technical operations in the company. You will continuously drive innovation and collaboration in both wet lab and dry lab teams, while applying your strong process improvement mindset to ensure project deadlines are met within all layers of the organisation.

To be more precise, you will lead the management team for both wet lab and dry lab activities within EV Biotech. Looking for ways to improve both interaction and process, while having a keen sense of people, product and purpose, is one of your key focus areas. Having a high-level understanding of the product pipeline needs and technical developments, and helping to create a balance between the two is of paramount importance. Your goal is to translate the mission, vision and strategy into a tactical plan that ensures that equipment and resources are acquired and expanded in time so that the available infrastructure matches with the company’s operational ambitions.

This translates in the following responsibilities:

  • Collaborating with the CEO and Chief Strategy Officer to (re)define, implement and monitor the strategic plan while ensuring that the budget, staff, and priorities are aligned with the company‘s core goals
  • Translating strategy into a tactical plan for company expansion to ensure that the right equipment, resources, and staff are available when needed
  • Providing effective leadership and direction to all operational staff members, and ensuring the continued development and management of a professional and efficient organisation
  • Overseeing all operational planning activities
  • Ensuring that the business operates at the strategically accepted revenue growth and profitability level
  • Setting and assigning operational goals to realise the annual targets
  • Ensuring that a proper organisational structure is in place for operations
  • Establishing effective decision-making processes that will enable the organisation to achieve its long- and short-term goals and objectives
  • Keeping abreast with market trends regarding competition, products, and customer requirements and act as accordingly

And the accompanying essential duties and tasks:

  • Envisioning a strategy that will generate fully operational departments
  • Translating this strategy into actionable goals
  • Fostering a strong attitude of collaboration and high performance across all groups within the organisation
  • Acting as strategic partner on four different levels (Board, Management, Internal, Clients)
  • Working on the on-time delivery of the planned microbial production strains at planned cost and quality
  • Creating and monitoring the annual budget to make sure that the agreed targets relative to growth and profitability are met
  • Ensuring that ongoing technical support is supplied for all operational processes
  • Driving innovation and best practice to ensure consistency across the key areas of responsibility such as compliance, quality centric thinking, environmental protection, operational excellence

You have:

As the ideal Chief Operating Officer, you are:

  • The right balance of a go-getter and operational strategist, you are goal-driven and focus on improving sustainable results while at the same time you work on a long-term strategy for operational expansion
  • Entrepreneurial and you enjoy the pace of a scale-up
  • A strong influencer with equally strong management skills while you simultaneously demonstrate the attributes of collaboration, team building, and participative decision making
  • Resilient, and you remain calm and deliberate under any circumstance
  • Comfortable with the continuous pressure of deadlines
  • Results and numbers-driven, factual without getting lost in details
  • Passionate about technology

We offer:

EV Biotech is growing and you as Chief Operating Officer are of the highest importance.

We can offer you the following:

  • An exciting, professional work environment
  • Growth opportunities and support in personal development
  • A diverse and international team of colleagues, dedicated to EV’s mission to contribute to a greener and more sustainable society
  • Good primary and secondary benefits


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