Analyst Molecular Dynamics of Proteins

About EV Biotech:

EV Biotech is a biotechnology company that creates microbial production platforms for high-value chemicals and proteins using computational modelling and microorganisms. By combining classical fermentation methods with the latest developments in modelling approaches we have revolutionised the methods of microbial strain engineering. Our microbial cells factories (MCFs) provide effective, bio-based alternatives to conventional chemical-synthetic production processes. Our Groningen-based team has been operational since July 2018 and is dedicated to EV’s mission to evolve the chemical feedstock market by shifting it from petrochemical-based to bio-based chemical production, thereby creating a greener economy for all.

We are looking for a passionate and highly motivated protein modelling expert to strengthen our Tech team (32-40 h per week). The successful candidate will join the EV Biotech team to drive the engineering process of relevant enzymes in order to improve their properties – such as activity, stability or substrate selectivity. 

Scope of the position:

Optimal design of the synthetic metabolic pathways are key to the rational microbial cell factories design. You will be conducting molecular modelling studies to dissect the molecular determinants involved in the enzyme function, substrate recognition, stability and solubility. Together with the Computational and the Wet Lab teams, you will participate in the in-house development and validation of various molecular modelling tools for accurate prediction of the enzyme parameters, in silico enzyme design as well as construction of the enzyme mutant libraries.

You will:

    Perform in silico experiments aimed at protein characterisation and engineering to increase activity, selectivity and stability using computational approaches such as docking, molecular dynamics, and homology modelling;

    Work in close collaboration with the modelling and laboratory teams.

    Participate in the in-house molecular modelling tools development

You have:

    MSc in Molecular Modelling, Structural Biology, Biophysics or related field;

    Demonstrable skills with state-of-the-art molecular modelling tools;

    No problem with working in a Linux environment and with using scripting languages such as Perl or Python;

    Experience with collaborative software development tools, e.g. Git, Overleaf;

    Experience in other bioinformatics tools and statistics is a plus;

    Experience in the analysis of large datasets and automation of workflows is a plus;

–     Experience with quantum chemistry packages is a plus.

     Experience with protein expression, purification and analysis is a plus

     Strong communication and organisational skills and you enjoy working in a team-oriented environment;

     High proficiency in spoken and written English.

We offer:

    An exciting, professional and dynamic work environment;

    A diverse international team of colleagues, dedicated to EV’s mission to contribute to a greener and more sustainable society;

    Competitive salary;

    Good secondary benefits, including flexible working and support in personal development.



Then let us know why you are the best candidate. Please send your motivation and CV to: