Q3 & Q4 2018

  • Investment round A
  • Proof of concept development
  • Enter Flavors and Fragrance market
  • R&D


Q1 & Q2

  • Fully operational Laboratory in Innolab Agri and Food, Zernike complex Groningen
  • Modelling 4 PoC Microbial cell factories

Q2 & Q3

  • Engineering PoC Microbial cell factories
  • First Data PoC Microbial cell factories


Q1 & Q2

  • Enter Biomaterials Market
  • Optimization PoC Microbial cell factories

Q3 & Q4

  • Upscaling PoC Microbial cell factories
  • Finalization Microbial cell factories
  • Sales Proof of concept strains


  • Enter Agricultural market
  • Enter Biofuel market
  • Enter Pharma market

What others say

  • “Bacterial engineering has bright prospects for sustainable chemical products. I will be following EV Biotech closely”

    Prof. dr. Ben Feringa, Nobel Laureate Chemistry 2016
  • “After graduating from EIT-health Venturelab program, EV-biotech lead by Linda Dijkshoorn successfully develops into a competent entrepreneurial team ready for the high-tech and high-growth biotechnology field. I have high expectations about their coming success”

    Prof. dr Aard Groen Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Groningen and the University of Twente
  • “EV Biotech develops alternative and complementary technologies for chemical production using bacterial engineering. I am very positive about the technology and it’s potential”

    Dr. Ton Vries, Managing Director MercachemSyncom and Managing Director Groningen Campus

Research & Development

EV Biotech is currently developing a number Proof of Concept microbial cell factories for the production of high-value molecules and their precursors. Our current interests include the Biomaterials and Flavour and Fragrance markets.

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