Summer internship: programming/chemical engineering

About EV Biotech
EV Biotech is a strain development start-up company. EV Biotech distinguishes itself by the use of state-of-the-art computational modelling. Using cutting-edge scientific developments in systems biology we create computational models of bacterial strains to predict most optimal strain modifications, growth me dia supplementation and scale up optimization in line with the rational design strategy.

Summer Internship Description
EV Biotech is looking for a paid summer intern to strengthen their dry-lab team. The project goal will be to optimize, improve, and generalize the current EV Biotech scripts fulfilling bioprocess modelling and techno-economic analysis. The scripts are based on the Python process simulation library called BioSTEAM.
• Last year Bachelor or Master student in Chemical or Bioprocess engineering, Industrial biotechnology or related field
• Python on the pre-intermediate level
• Knowledge related to industrial biotechnology processes and particular equipment units
• Experience with techno-economic assessment is a plus
• Experience with git-hub tools is a plus
• Experience with commercial tools such as SuperPro or Aspen is a plus
Contact Information:
Dmitry Bachin
Bioprocess and Software Engineer

To apply, send an e-mail with your resume and cover letter to