Industrial production of a wide range of compounds using genetically engineered microorganisms is a well-established technique. These microbial factories combine the biosynthetic pathways that are employed in the natural sources of the target compounds (e.g. essential oils, flavors and frangrances from plants) and extensively studied low complexity host systems, such as baker’s yeast or the gut bacteria Escherichia coli. Despite the clear advances in production costs and significantly reduced environmental impact, generation of such hybrid microbial factories requires complex genetic engineering process in order to import new biosynthetic pathways into the host system. Recent advances in systems biology and in silico (computational) modelling provide an opportunity to bypass the common trial and error methods that are commonly used in the academia and industry.

Using in silico modelling during the first development stages, EV Biotech optimized the production pipeline, introducing a novel strategy to the market. In contrast with conventional methods, in silico modelling takes into account the entire network of biochemical reactions that occur within the host organism and thus provides the most optimal genetic design for specific compound production. Such method allows maximized production rates while significantly reducing time and costs for development.

This strategy can be applied to a broad industrial range, including Flavours & Fragrances, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Biofuels and Bioplastics. The goal of EV Biotech is to deliver an optimal customer experience, providing tailored design and development of genetically optimized biological systems for target compound production. The aim is superior yield and quality of the desired compound as well as reduced production costs and environmental impact.

What others say

  • “Bacterial engineering has bright prospects for sustainable chemical products. I will be following EV Biotech closely”

    Prof. dr. Ben Feringa, Nobel Laureate Chemistry 2016
  • “After graduating from EIT-health Venturelab program, EV-biotech lead by Linda Dijkshoorn successfully develops into a competent entrepreneurial team ready for the high-tech and high-growth biotechnology field. I have high expectations about their coming success”

    Prof. dr Aard Groen Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Groningen and the University of Twente
  • “EV Biotech develops alternative and complementary technologies for chemical production using bacterial engineering. I am very positive about the technology and it’s potential”

    Dr. Ton Vries, Managing Director MercachemSyncom and Managing Director Groningen Campus

Research & Development

EV Biotech is currently developing a number Proof of Concept microbial cell factories for the production of high-value molecules and their precursors. Our current interests include the Biomaterials and Flavour and Fragrance markets.

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