Spider silk

Microbial cell factory – proof-of-concept strain

Spider silk is a protein fibre spun by spiders to make their web and catch their prey. This fascinating material could well be one of nature’s strongest materials, while also being highly elastic and sometimes even sticky. This combination of properties renders a product with boundless possibilities. It’s about time that we start using this true natural innovation to our advantage.

We at EV revel in nature’s majestic and out-of-the-box solutions to daily life problems, such as how to catch your food when it is flying faster than you can walk. We humans have found other ways to ensure our satiety, but we are very well able to seize an opportunity and spin it to our needs. Although the spider silk industry has existed for a while, its market has not developed yet. Spider silk has promising opportunities in cosmetics, apparel, biomedical and defence applications. Considering all these applications the material could become hugely successful. 

EV’s spider silk: We have developed a basic spider-silk-producing microorganism that can be used as it is, or fine tuned to specific wishes for material properties, such as more strength, more or less elasticity, or reduced or enhanced stickiness.