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EV Biotech was founded in July 2018 by Linda Dijkshoorn, Agnieszka Wegrzyn and Sergey Lunev, and has been operational since January 2019. The company is located in Groningen, North of the Netherlands, surrounded by many chemical industrial companies in the North.

The mission of the company is to evolve the chemical feedstock market by shifting it from petrochemical-based to bio-based chemical production, using Microbial Cell Factories.

The Uniqueness of EV Biotech lies in the synergy between our computational algorithms and our strain development, and therefore within the synergy between our different teams. Our dry lab team translates all potential wet-lab experiments to in silico experiments, and automates them. Our wet lab team communicates directly with the dry lab team creating the best experimental designs for both wet and dry lab. With smart planning, direct and good communication the EV Biotech team can create results fast and accurately.


The EV Biotech team is fast-growing and always looking for new employees. We offer an exciting, professional work environment with a lot of growth opportunities.

Job openings

Internship opportunities

Are you interested in an internship at EV Biotech? 

Send us an open application and who knows? Maybe we’ll see you next term!

Send us an email with your CV and cover letter.

If you would like to work or collaborate with us on a specific project, feel free to send us an email. We welcome collaborations from both industry and academia.

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